Inzpire Provide Financial Support to Male Mental Health Charity

Inzpire are delighted to be supporting male mental health charity Tough Enough To Care.

Set up by Armed Forces veteran Stuart Bratt after he tragically lost a number of his own friends to suicide, Tough Enough To Care aims to raise awareness of male mental health issues and to tackle the stigmas that still surround the topic.

The charity wants men of all ages to feel comfortable talking and opening up about their emotions – as Stuart says, there is no shame in being Tough Enough To Care.

Stuart has come up with an innovative way of spreading the charity’s message and to date has distributed over 10,000 Tough Enough To Care beer mats worldwide, reaching as far as Australia.

Our donation to the charity will go towards the running costs of their supports groups and training volunteers to be able to help and support those in need.

In the near future, the charity hopes to increase the number of men’s support groups and the funds will also go into training new group facilitators.

We are only too happy to be supporting this wonderful cause and it would be brilliant if all of our followers could help spread the word of their work, too.