Our Story

Today, as one of the fastest growing defence companies in the UK, we have certainly come a very long way, but our spirit and intent remain the fundamental driving force.

Inzpire was born – as so many great British ideas are – over a bottle of wine shared amongst a small group of friends. We couldn’t have envisioned at that stage the journey that lay ahead of us, but that is really how things started and the manner of our inception in many ways still informs our thinking. As it grows, Inzpire continues to be agile, adaptable and rapid in reaction.

Our founder members have decades of deep-rooted military experience and, from the beginning, we were determined to do things differently – to develop a new model for a defence company, one that delivered on budget and on time, but, just as vitally, drew on real-world experience that could translate into unbeatable service and products.


It was our guiding principle to recruit only those with outstanding military credentials to help us build the business and enforce the foundations upon which it was created; we recruited those with experience in operations across the globe and are now positioned to be the defence employer of choice for those retiring from the RAF, Army, Navy and Marines at the end of distinguished careers.

There were, of course, initial hurdles to clear. Credibility was key – there were those who doubted that such a small company could deliver what was promised – but from our earliest contracts, such as those that saw us providing resourcing to the Air Battlespace Training Centre, our credentials and skill-set became self-evident and our reputation for taking a truly joint-services approach firmly established.

Perhaps surprisingly, the global financial climate at the time of our founding and early growth never proved an obstacle at all; Inzpire was able to thrive within the stringent financial climate, our agility playing to our – and our clients’ – advantage. As a far leaner company than many of our competitors, Inzpire continues to offer outstanding value with never less than outstanding products and services to match.

Gaining and retaining the contract to supply White Force expertise to the RAF’s Air Battlespace Training Centre was a crucial early step for Inzpire and our embedded work with the UK MOD is testament to the regard in which we are held. This was bolstered in 2010 when we began supplying GECO, a safety and mission enhancing system covering mission planning, briefing, execution and debriefing, to the British Military in Afghanistan. Inzpire was now a proven supplier of training, personnel and products. Furthermore, barely half-a-decade old, our contract to deliver Apache training in 2012 confirmed that Inzpire was a defence company going places – fast.

We continue to grow year-on-year, proving time and again that our broad-ranging in-house experience and unwavering desire to think differently and deliver the finest products and services has far-reaching benefits for our military and civilian clients in the UK and overseas.

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