Human Factors and Safety

Inzpire’s world-renowned Human Factors and Safety team provides training and expertise that saves money, time and lives. 

Inzpire recognises that the human spirit, with all its inherent curiosity and ingenuity, spurs us ever-onwards but, by the same token, has the potential to expose us to increasing risks. Our internationally renowned Human Factors and Safety division – boasting an impressive array of in-house expertise and experience – can help mitigate against these dangers, which can otherwise prove costly, both in monetary and human terms.

Inzpire’s Human Factors Training is based around the understanding of interaction between equipment, environment and, most importantly, other people. Our training programmes are designed to help organisations – military and civilian – increase their individual and team performance; a welcome by-product of which is a reduction in mistakes and conversely an increase in safety. All of our programmes are bespoke and specifically focused on individual client needs and draw on our extensive experience from military and civil aviation as well as from Formula 1, medicine and heavy industry.

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Unrivalled instruction in military and civilian human factors and safety.

Military Aviation

Designing, developing and delivering courses that increase performance, effectiveness and safety.

Inzpire works in close partnership with the RAF Human Factors Centre to design, develop and deliver a truly interactive and inspirational flagship foundation course that focuses on increasing performance not only for aircrew but maintenance personnel and support services also. Our Flying Training System Courses improve the quality and effectiveness of the training system itself, employing a wide range of multimedia, personal anecdotes and practical exercises to help develop coping strategies for high-pressure environments, whilst our Aircrew Front Line Training emphasises issues such as Error Reduction and Management, and more personal aspects such as Fatigue and Stress management.

Inzpire delivers specific Engineer and Aircraft Maintainer courses and training for Air Traffic Control – all drawing on our in-house experience and calling on case studies from wider industry. Inzpire is also able to deliver “Train the Trainer” courses, instructing personnel in how to deliver their own HF sessions thus giving organisations their own organic training capabilities.

Heavy Industry

Regardless of sector Human Factors remain the same, our bespoke training minimises those risks.

It doesn’t matter what your industry or sector is, or how diverse the operation between different industries, the Human Factors remain the same and Inzpire’s Human Factors Training provides bespoke instruction – drawing from our wealth of experience – for minimising factors than can prove expensive in both monetary and human terms.

In delivering training for the rail industry we are able to emphasise the safety of both passengers and staff with a focus on Driver and Maintainer awareness, whilst our work within oil and gas – an historically challenging and tough environment – is tailored to complement our client’s own Safety Management systems yet without compromise to daily operations. Within the nuclear sector, where failure is highly visible and catastrophic, Inzpire can again draw on its extensive military experience to help train clients in mitigating against negative factors such poor decision making, fatigue and miscommunication.


The key to our training success is the credibility and experience of our team.

Inzpire is a member of the Clinical Human Factors Group, a body dedicated to improving patient care and clinical performance in the NHS and, as with all our areas of expertise, the key to our training is the credibility and experience of our team, which includes an extremely experienced former Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor. Our training programmes, which range from Assessment and Analysis, Human Factors Training, Procedure Improvement to Safety Audit, cover performance improvement for both individuals and teams.

Our bespoke training, which has its roots in our deep understanding of military requirements, is far from limited to surgical teams. We can cater to all aspects of medical practice and associated activity including GP surgeries, Hospitals, Specialist Care areas, Health Visiting, Child Protection and Care in the Community.

Case Study

Human Factors Training to Royal Air Force aircrew

Inzpire’s long-standing contract with the UK MOD to provide Human Factors Training to Royal Air Force aircrew, which receives consistently positive feedback, was developed in full partnership with the MOD and is fully endorsed by both the RAF Central Flying School and the RAF Centre for Aviation Medicine.

Our facilitators are all exceptionally well-regarded former military aircrew instructors with years of aviation experience, capable of delivering Human Factors training that is all about understanding and improving human performance. This has unquestionably been achieved for the MOD, with the RAF Human Performance Centre noting that Inzpire have: “Acted as true partners in the provision of the training… They have played an enormous part in establishing the credibility of the RAF Human Performance Centre”.