Integrated Sensors and Systems

From concept to final delivery Inzpire provides the skills required for complete modern air platform and systems integration.

Inzpire personnel have wide-ranging and in-depth experience of air platform and systems integration encompassing Radar, Defensive Aids Suites, Information Operations, associated Weapons and Systems Management from both the military client and industry perspectives.

The involvement of modern air platforms in complex, demanding scenarios necessitates the development of systems capable of matching these challenging operational requirements. Coalition air commanders and crews require sensors and systems capable of interoperability across the range of multi-national platforms, whilst individual Air Forces require their combat platforms to provide many specific national capabilities. Inzpire, who are at the heart of the requirements for the critical future capability of the Typhoon, are perfectly positioned to bridge the military and industry sectors.

Inzpire has significant experience in the development of radar system requirements and have proven capabilities within the UK MOD – from initial concept to system integration and testing.  This includes support to projects ranging from Urgent Operational Requirements to long-term programmes. In addition, Inzpire has the ability to provide specialist technical training in systems engineering, requirements management, and operational training such as bespoke EW training programmes.


Case Study

Typhoon AESA programme

As part of the requirement capture process for the Typhoon AESA programme, Inzpire is working with the Capability Acquisition team to structure the key user requirements that would become the drivers of the core technical developments for integration within the Typhoon Weapons System.  From this initial AESA Concept of Employment (CONEMP) the Inzpire team grew the future Typhoon Weapons System CONEMP with the Typhoon Requirements Managers. The development of the Typhoon CONEMP took one year to complete and much iteration in order to capture all the capability developments required by Typhoon to sustain operational capability to its Out of Service Date (OSD). The Typhoon CONEMP is now the cornerstone for all future equipment programmes and any Capability Mapping studies.  Inzpire is proud to have been at the heart of the process and the sustainment of coherent and cohesive equipment programmes for FAST Air.