Unmanned and ISTAR Experts

Whatever your unmanned or ISTAR requirements, Inzpire can deliver the dedicated group of experts needed to take your project forward.

Unmanned Experts

Inzpire’s Unmanned and ISTAR experts division is comprised of a team of experts who have accumulated thousands of flying hours on unmanned and manned operations spanning numerous platforms, decades of operational intelligence fusion, mission planning and execution and training experience.

Inzpire provides award-winning instructors and evaluators across numerous UAS platforms and with extensive experience in UAS training system design and implementation. Regardless of whether you are looking for a ‘UAS 101′ request for information, a need for research material on an unmanned project, or require the design of a national end-to-end Unmanned Vehicle employment strategy, Inzpire’s Unmanned Experts can assist.

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Complete training, services and consultancy for all unmanned requirements.


Our Unmanned Experts team, with their extensive experience, can deliver solutions and support from manning to payload integration testing.

From manning and scheduling solutions to payload integration testing and UAS logistics support, the need for access to current, qualified and independent UAS expert advisers and consultants is ever-growing and Inzpire’s Unmanned and ISTAR Experts team members, with their extensive experience in their respective fields, can deliver these solutions and support.

Our expertise – including CONOPs and CONEMP research and production, trial and simulation scenario development and ability to advise on Flight In Non-segregated Air Space (FINAS) to aviation bodies – means that, whatever your requirements, Inzpire has the experience and capabilities to help.


Inzpire’s Unmanned Experts Division provides international civilian and military clients with comprehensive and varied UAS training.

The need for qualified, experienced and knowledgeable professionals in this field is critical. Inzpire’s Unmanned and ISTAR Experts Division can provide international civilian and military clients with comprehensive and varied UAS training courses globally.

Inzpire’s capabilities range from desktop training through software delivery, courseware production and Final Operating Capability support, and are perfectly positioned to offer the most current and comprehensive training available.

Flight Services

Inzpire’s Unmanned Experts Division Provide broad-ranging Flight Services to meet our clients’ programme operator, maintenance, communications and imagery analyst needs.

Inzpire’s Unmanned and ISTAR Experts Division can provide a robust and broad-ranging offering of Flight Services, which deals exclusively with meeting your programme operators’, maintenance, communications and imagery analyst needs. From flight trials to full service provision “UAS Capability by the hour” Inzpire can help; offering full service options, remote on-line fleet management, and even meteorological support thanks to our experienced and highly qualified in-house team.

Case Study

Reaper MQ-9 Programme Establishment

Inzpire engages the personnel that provided the initial cadre for the introduction of the MQ-9A Reaper MALE UAS into both USAF and RAF service. They were central to the trials and testing efforts and responsible for development of all training and operational programmes. In addition, these personnel have been central to the establishment and successful teaching of ‘post graduate’ UAS training courses (i.e. QWI ISR).