Mission Support System

Inzpire’s GECO MSS provides the most intuitive and highly capable Mission System currently available on the military market.

Inzpire’s GECO (MSS) provides the most intuitive and highly capable air mission support system currently available on the military market. GECO (MSS) comprises an off-board ground-based Mission Planning System (MPS), and an on-board tablet-based mission management system, GECO (Air), which brings dynamic and flexible capability into the cockpit. Designed by operationally experienced Inzpire personnel alongside an outstanding engineering development team, GECO (MSS) delivers exacting functionality that meets current and emerging mission requirements. The System is designed around a flexible open architecture that enables integration with existing ground and air-based mission systems.

GECO (MSS) is a genuinely modular app-based system, which comprises fully interoperable components that transform mission planning, mission execution and post-flight analysis. The collaborative working environment meets the most exacting client functionality, security, network and safety requirements.

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GECO Mission Support System Features and Benefits

Customer-focussed Design and Intuitive User Interface

Designed by Aviators, for Aviators.

GECO (MSS) was conceived and designed by highly experienced aviators from a wide range of military backgrounds who truly understand mission tasking and workloads both in and out of the cockpit. Our aircrew work shoulder-to-shoulder with our outstanding engineering development team who ensure that the System is fully compliant with demanding military needs. Inzpire’s Mission Systems Team will develop a deep understanding of your requirement and work closely with you to provide the optimum solution.

Multi-Aircraft Solution

Full Mission Support and Interoperability.

GECO (MSS) can provide full-mission support to a wide variety of aircraft types, to deliver a single, powerful solution to enable the entire force, as well as operation with other nations. The architectural design of the System means that interoperability is easily achieved and that the System remains flexible enough to work with third-party mission planning systems.

Mass Data Management

User-Friendly Document Management System.

GECO (MSS) is able to draw in a wide range of planning data types and formats including mapping, imagery, NOTAM, intelligence, aeronautical information, and aircraft performance data to provide a comprehensive and easily updated dataset. Management of documents is performed through a simple intuitive user interface.

One System for the Entire Mission

The Full Range of Mission Support Requirements on One System.

GECO (MSS) meets all your mission support needs. From mapping and data preparation, through collaborative mission planning and rehearsal, to mission debrief and analysis, GECO (MSS) is the single solution you require to transform both on-board and off-board mission needs. The System vitally prepares data for loading into extant on-board flight management systems. The GECO (Air) tablet is available to bridge the gaps in on-board avionics to ensure that full mission support is available at your fingertips.

Advanced Functionality

The Best Functionality on the Market.

GECO (MSS) features advanced functionality including dynamic electronic performance planning, dynamic threat warning display, and 3D mission rehearsal with a real-time mission plan editing capability. These capabilities are provided on a range of devices, with optimised user interfaces to ensure that mission support is available in the cockpit and on the ground, wherever it is needed, at a Main Operating Base or on a remote hill top.

Case Study


In January 2016, Inzpire delivered the GECO (MSS) to the UK joint helicopter command’s puma force. GECO (MSS) brings the ability to plan, rehearse, execute and debrief the entire mission through the most capable and highly intuitive Mission Support System currently available on the military market.

In a whole of market competition, Inzpire was chosen by the MoD in April 2015 to provide the GECO (MSS) for the Puma HC2 Force. Inzpire’s Mission Systems Team worked closely with the Puma Force and a team from the UK MoD’s Defence Equipment and Support organisation to ensure that the exacting requirements were met. Inzpire delivered the GECO (MSS) in January 2016 and the System IOC was declared in February before being deployed on operations in March.

GECO (MSS) has brought a highly flexible capability the Puma Force which can be rapidly prepared for deployment worldwide through its peerless data management system. Once deployed, the rugged capability provides unrivalled mission planning, rehearsal, execution and debriefing in the most demanding of environments and on the most appropriate device, be it a tablet in a remote, austere environment or a fully networked rugged laptop/desktop System.

GECO Mission Support System