Alan Whittle MBE

Director of Strategy and Plans

With a background in aircraft engineering, Al became an Army helicopter pilot in 1984. Following tours in Germany and Northern Ireland as a reconnaissance pilot he qualified at the Central Flying School as a Helicopter Instructor on Lynx and Gazelles and spent two seasons with the Blue Eagles Display Team.

Al has flown on operations in Kuwait, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan gaining valuable experience as both the Senior Flying Instructor on Apache and the Special Forces Flight Commander on Lynx. He has considerable operational experience in desert, jungle, arctic and maritime conditions and has specialisations in both helicopter weapons and electronic warfare. Al’s final tour saw him serving as the Officer Commanding of the UK’s Apache Conversion Squadron.

Since joining Inzpire as the head of the Helicopter Services Division, he successfully promoted the brand into both the Joint Helicopter Command and International Air Forces, before becoming a Director of Inzpire and the Head of the Managed Services Group.

Al is now Inzpire’s Director of Strategy and Plans.

Al recently relocated back to Lincolnshire from France, after completing the renovation of a 19th Century Chateau. When not tiling or building, he enjoys power boating and skiing.