Tug Wilson

Head of Human Factors and Safety Division

Tug spent his RAF career flying fast jets including Phantom, Tornado, F18 Hornet on exchange with the US Marine Corps, and the Hawk on which he was a Qualified Flying and Tactics Instructor. He gained a Masters Degree in Air Safety Management and became one of the most qualified Flight Safety specialists in the military culminating in a successful tour as Flight Safety Advisor to the Royal Saudi Air Force.

One of the most experienced and accomplished Military Aircrew Human Factors Facilitators in Europe, Tug joined Inzpire in 2008 setting up the Human Factors and Safety Division, providing training to all UK Military aircrew joining the Flying Training System, as well as frontline and instructor aircrew. He has successfully transferred this training to other areas including Formula 1, professional football and medical organisations.

Tug is married with two daughters and two idiot dalmatians that are a lot smarter than he gives them credit for – he (Tug, not the dalmatians) is the author of The Nervous Passengers Guide to Flying.