Inzpire Limited Awarded DSALT2 Contract

DSALT2 Contract will go out to 2018.

Inzpire is delighted to announce that our world-leading White Force, that delivers synthetic training at the Air Battlespace Training Centre, has been awarded the DSALT2 contract out to 2018 (with an option for the MoD to extend to 2019). This new contract builds upon more than 6 years of collaborative effort between Inzpire and our military colleagues in an enduring example of the whole force construct. 

DSALT2 is jointly funded by Land and Air. Land will continue to benefit from the highly acclaimed Joint Fires and Air/Land Integration training that has been built specifically for contingent operations.  Air-centric training will be expanded to include all force elements. This will utilise a plethora of contingent training as well as mission rehearsal events such as the forthcoming Red Flag preparation exercise. 

Reflecting both the increased demand for synthetic training and the joint nature of our training audience the Inzpire team will increase under the new contract and include a number of new Land subject matter experts as well as other instructors covering all major Air Power roles. 

Inzpire relishes this opportunity to exploit our unique synthetic expertise, work shoulder to shoulder with our military colleagues and deliver continued success through excellence.