Inzpire Attend Combat Helicopter

Inzpire present at TDN UK’s Combat Helicopter Conference and Exhibition in Rome.

Inzpire recently attended the Combat Helicopter Conference and Exhibition in Rome, organised by TDN UK. The event provided an opportunity for Inzpire to engage with prospective clients in the end user community, with a view to promoting our capability in Mission Systems and Helicopter Services and their relevance to Combat Helicopter operations both now and in the future.

In addressing one of the key themes of the conference (the ever increasing importance of crew aids as mission enhancers in combat operations), Jonny Priest, Head of Helicopter Services, delivered a brief on ‘Enhancing Helicopter Safety and Operations via Portable Mission Systems and EFB’s’ which was well received by all in attendance, and generated a widely accepted view that portable Mission Systems have an important role to play in enhancing situational awareness for Combat Helicopter pilots in future ops.

Running in parallel, the exhibition and networking sessions afforded the Inzpire team the opportunity to engage with a range of delegates over the course of the two days, with GECO proving to be the main attraction. Briefings and demonstrations were provided to the Portuguese Navy, the Philippino Air Force and the Polish MoD to name but a few, with all bar none expressing a clear interest in the capability that it could provide for their respective combat helicopter platforms.

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