Marcus Hedley’s Reasons for ‘The Wall’ Fundraising

Today Marcus Hedley tells us why he has picked two charities close to his heart to fundraise for whilst running ‘The Wall’.

I decided to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support after all the help and support they offered my Grandmother to make her last few months as comfortable as they could have been; the help they offered my mother, who was her primary carer, was also priceless. A great family friend has also just had the bad news that his Cancer is back, so I’ll be hoping Macmillan can fight off this terrible disease.

I’m also running for Scotty’s Little Soldier’s, which is a charity close to my heart after being separated from my children during two of my three tours of Afghanistan. They are a charity who support children who have lost a parent who has been killed whilst working in the Armed Forces, I cannot imagine how difficult it is for a parent to tell a youngster, who has been counting the sleeps until Mummy or Daddy gets home, that the other parent will not be coming home at all.

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