Sophie Fundraising for Combat Stress

I am running ‘The Wall’ for Combat Stress having supporting it in fundraising terms for a few years now – as have all my family.

For me it was triggered by losing a colleague of mine who caught in 2 explosive events in Iraq a month or two apart. He distinguished himself under fire, but like many others struggled with the aftermath. Whilst he was still serving in the same unit as me all that could be done to help with his PTSD was done, however, firstly there is no certain remedy, and secondly when he left the military he drifted away from support, treatment and his family. In his case drinking was a coping mechanism, but it also killed him. It will always sadden me that whilst in the military we couldn’t help him enough and when out he went into freefall. Combat Stress does excellent work catching many like my friend, helping torn minds when the support network of serving has fallen away.

sophie paul

To donate to Sophie’s fundraising, please visit the group fundraising page here