Celebrating National Reserves Day

As the current incumbent of the senior soldier appointment for the Army Reserve, I have the honour of representing the officers and soldiers who make up and contribute to the Army Reserve.

I am part of a small team of five at the top of the Land Reserve component, led by Deputy Commander Field Army, Major General Bill O’Leary. The ‘office’ is located within the Comd Gp floorplate of HQ Field Army in Andover.

One of my main tasks is to support General O’Leary with his visit schedule whilst advising him on soldier matters. My other task, which I commit a great deal of time to, is that of reviewing current policy and producing the staff work in order to make the necessary requests for change.

I was appointed to the post on 1 April 17, some six & half years after joining the TA (having completed 22 years colour service in 2009) and a month before joining Inzpire and the great bunch of teammates I have working within the Taining Development department at Chicksands. Charlie, my department lead, has been fantastic in supporting my Reserves commitment, allowing me the space to attend key meetings with my regular counterparts during the week but as you would expect, the majority of my 44 Reserve Service Days are utilised for engagements at weekends.

It’s only been a year, but the time has flown by and I have and continue to really enjoy the challenge and the insight. There is a lot more work to do and sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day. We all remain committed to building on all the good work of those who went before us so that the Army Reserve can continue to flourish!

Today we celebrate all those who make up the Reserve Forces and recognise and celebrate the important part that they play in supporting the UK’s defence capability. Reservists have always played – and will continue to play – a key role in our Armed Forces, making a valuable contribution to the nation over and above their day jobs.

WO1 (Comd SM) Andrew Mitchell works in Inzpire’s Intelligence, Cyber and Counter-Terrorism Division as a training development expert.