Supporting Reservists – and their Families

Today is national reserves day.

With a workforce where over 80% of the team are ex-military, it is inevitable that many of those will want to continue their service and become Reservists.

For us, that can only be a good thing – we truly recognise the value that Reservists bring to the Armed Forces and we are only too happy to support any of our team who want to continue with their service. To that end, we support all of our Reservists with 15 fully paid days’ leave to attend critical training, and we even have an internal Reserves Champion, who has experience of the reserves recruitment process and has connections with local units, meaning our team can get information about joining the reserves from us as their full time employer.

However, to allow our Reservists the opportunity to fully support their full time military colleagues, we accept that we have to be as flexible as possible with them and that their commitments may present additional challenges not just to us as employers, but to their families too.

Inzpire is a very family-orientated company and we consider our employees’ spouses, partners and children to be part of our extended family. This means that we want to look after them when their loved ones aren’t immediately available – to that end, our Reservist training, leave and mobilisation policy affords special mention to our ‘keeping in touch’ plan. This plan means that Inzpire will formulate a bespoke communications plan with all of our Reservists, to enable the Company to continue lines of communication and welfare support with both them and their family when they are deployed. This support extends to the provision of support books for younger children. Their loved ones are invited to attend Inzpire events held during the deployment period and we keep in regular contact to see if there is anything we can do to help.

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We see this communication as pivotal; at a time when one of our employees is being deployed – potentially anywhere in the world – we want to provide them with all the reassurance we can that the family they are leaving behind are being well cared for and that we can assist if any issues crop up.

Our attention to detail when it comes to both encouraging and supporting enrolment in the reserve forces has received fantastic feedback from those who are using the opportunity to carry on their military service alongside their full time roles with us:

“Inzpire has enabled me to carry on as a Reservist with the RNR Air Branch within Commando Helicopter Force, allowing me to fill some gaps in front line flying to facilitate Operational output”, Royal Navy Veteran/Reservist

“Inzpire has not only strongly supported, but actively encouraged my commitment to the RAF Reserves, recognising the mutual benefit to both Defence and the company itself”, RAF Veteran/Reservist

“Inzpire have not only been completely behind me, they have been more than accommodating and encourage me to maintain my Reserve status. I have absolutely nothing but praise for the way that the company has forward leaned into this”, RAF Veteran/Reservist

©UK MOD Crown Copyright 2019, official Reserves Day 2019 imagery

Whilst we recognise that on some occasions, reservist duties will take employees away from their regular place of work we don’t see this as a disadvantage – rather we see the experiences of reservists and those with military experience as bringing a huge amount of value to the workplace.

Employing reserves brings a wealth of benefits to us an employer. In particular, their ongoing military training enhances their skills and disciplines such as decision-making, teamwork and leadership – which are applicable to all roles at Inzpire and enhance our relationships with our customers and clients.

As a company we will continue to work closely with our Reservists and their units to ensure continued mutual benefits; participation with the reserve forces keeps individuals connected to a career they love; it maintains operational output for the military and it maintains currencies in transferable skills for us.

You can find out more about Reserves Day on the official event website.


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