Helicopter Services

From Instruction to manpower substitution, military, paramilitary and civilian clients benefit from Inzpire’s broad spectrum of experience and knowledge.

Inzpire’s Helicopter Services team is comprised of aircrew drawn from across the Services; they are held in the highest regard, with the most current experience and expertise, and with thousands of amassed flying hours between them. Bringing their combined knowledge and skills to every client across military, paramilitary and civilian sectors, the agility and adaptability of Inzpire means that projects and services are always delivered on time and on budget.

From supplying manpower substitution for the military to servicing Military Regulated Civilian Owned requirements, Inzpire is able to provide true sliding-scale flexibility. Incorporating Helicopter Flying Instruction and Advanced Operational Flying Techniques, Helicopter Operations and our bespoke Methods of Instruction Courses, Inzpire’s Helicopter Services division offers outstanding service across all sectors.

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Covering the full range of helicopter flying services.

Helicopter Operations

Using only the best ex-military operators equipped to work in the most high-pressured of situations.

Using only the best ex-military operators equipped to work in the most high-pressured of situations, Inzpire offers bespoke scaled solutions from full service – including aircrew, aircraft, engineering, operations support – to one or several constituent required parts.

Able to effectively support military, paramilitary or civilian clients both in the UK and globally, Inzpire can work to deliver Helicopter Operations of any scale and for adaptable durations to fit our client’s needs.

Helicopter Flying Instruction

our depth of experience means we can and do deliver equally adaptable instruction.

Whilst Inzpire covers all aspects of military flying training, be it ground instruction, course design, synthetic flying training instruction or live flying, our depth of experience means we can and do deliver equally adaptable instruction for both paramilitary and civilian clients.

Flying training is an undeniably costly and time-hungry undertaking; therefore getting it right first time, every time, is the only route to success that Inzpire recognises. Testament to our philosophy is our provision of Qualified Helicopter Flying Instructors teaching all aspects of the United Kingdom Apache Attack Helicopter and the Wildcat Battlefield Reconnaissance Helicopter Conversion to Type courses at the Army Aviation Centre at Middle Wallop and RNAS Yeovilton respectively. Meeting the exacting standards of the UK Military translates directly to our approach with all clients, regardless of industry or sector.

Advanced Operational Flying Techniques

Our Tactical Flying Courses draw on years of experience.

Inzpire aircrew are experts in the development of robust tactics from first principles to enable the helicopter to maintain the upper hand, helping military and paramilitary clients to analyse potential threats and devise tactics to exploit weaknesses. Helicopters rarely work in isolation and can be used more effectively as part of an integrated, multi-faceted attack. As experts in maximising the potential for any platform Inzpire are able to offer advice and training in the complex arena of multi-ship employment.

Methods of Instruction Courses

Inzpire’s adaptability and wealth of experience means we deliver commercially competitive Courses.

Budget, time pressures and constrains are often the biggest commercial drivers when clients select their flying training providers. Inzpire’s adaptability and wealth of experience means we deliver commercially competitive Methods of Instruction Courses to meet exacting client needs.

We also understand the importance of providing the same exceptionally high standards for ground school academic training, where all too often out of date methods of imparting knowledge fail to take into account cultural and language differences; Inzpire has the global experience to redress this imbalance and ensure complete continuity of instruction.

Aircraft and Simulator Validation

Inzpire can provide Experimental Test Pilots to give specialist technical advice.

In order to maximise the benefits of expensive modern aircraft simulators they must accurately replicate the real platform. Inzpire’s experienced test pilots and instructors can provide specialist advice, independent to the equipment supplier, to ensure client simulator programmes realise their full potential.

Inzpire are supporting the UK MOD with the introduction of the Wildcat into service for the UK Royal Navy and British Army. Inzpire provide an Experimental Test Pilot, who is also a QHI to provide specialist technical advice balanced with a training perspective in the assurance and acceptance of the simulator.


Case Study

Wildcat Simulator Validation

Inzpire tendered and were subsequently selected to act as ‘client friend’ for the Lynx Project Team to ensure that the industry provided full mission simulator was fit for purpose.

Inzpire won this competition as a result of the quality and skillsets of our personnel, realistic and affordable pricing and our willingness to work with our clients in a true, trusting and enduring partnership. We always aim to exceed client expectations and took an innovative approach to this contract – using a Test Pilot who is also an A1 flying instructor.

This has ensured that the simulator will not only meet the exacting technical standards but is also an accurate representation of the real aircraft to provide crews unparalleled simulation training.