Inzpire Host Paediatric Unit for Team-Building Day

Paedicatric Team Experience Life as a Synthetics Instructor

Friday 9 October was a truly special day for Inzpire as we welcomed medical staff from the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Nottingham University Hospital to the Air Battlespace Training Centre for a day of team building.

The team, comprised of Consultants, Doctors, Ward Managers, Ward Sisters and Educators were invited to spend a day with us as a means of saying thank-you for the outstanding care they had provided one of our colleague’s daughters during her time on the ward.

Their caring and normally steady hands were put through their paces in simulator challenges and games, with the ABTC instructors and technical team declaring that they had never had to reset the technology quite so many times. It would appear their deft medical skills did not translate to flying a simulator, with several heavy-handed nurses and consultants flying at various angles far too close to the ground!

The PICU team were given two simulator challenges; one in a Tornado which involved a timed race through smoke-gates, and one in a Typhoon which required them to fly at increasing altitudes to scope out “enemy” aircraft. Much to the detriment of many individual scores, crashing incurred a penalty.

Inzpire employees guided the medical personnel through their challenges with varying degrees of success, and marvelled at one Nurse’s ability to make a Typhoon fly backwards. The morning team challenge proved hugely successful, with Inzpire employees and medical staff alike having a huge amount of fun whilst the later also learned invaluable communication skills.
The afternoon comprised of a fascinating talk from an RAF Paramedic, whom Inzpire had organised to provide a Medical Emergency Response Team presentation to the PICU staff, and an equally engaging Human Factors presentation from our own Tug Wilson. Tug guided the team through a number of communication and feedback techniques, delivering both aviation and medical-themed anecdotes and advice on how to deal with individual and team stress.

Dr Patrick Davies, Lead Consultant of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and Nottingham University Hospital, said: “As the senior members of the Paediatric Critical Care Team we deal with many very difficult situations on a daily basis. Our whole team have been inspired by today’s challenges and presentations, and are amazed at the facilities and the complexity of the work that takes place in the ABTC. We have had a huge amount of fun with Inzpire’s team, who have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome and allowed us to experience a day in their lives. Most of all we have learned valuable communication and stress management procedures which will ensure that our life-saving treatment is even further enhanced”.

A huge thank-you to all of the ABTC team and Tug Wilson who made this day possible. But even more importantly, we would like to offer a heartfelt thank-you to all the PICU staff who attended Friday’s session; for throwing themselves in to the challenges; for keeping the ABTC staff entertained with your competitive streaks; for making the most of every opportunity presented to you; and most of all for looking after the family of one of our own during their time of need.