Introducing the Inzpire ‘Whyphoon’!

For the first time since I graduated from University, I was recently set some reading homework.

Chris Stevens, Inzpire’s Sales and Marketing Director, asked myself and my Sales and Marketing colleagues to read ‘Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action’ by Simon Sinek.

“I want to start applying the principles of this book in all of our future messaging”, Chris said. Like the diligent Communications Manager I am, I duly set about reading, and somewhere in between making copious notes and finding a very busy colleague a summary of the book on the internet, memories of University lectures started to filter back and the communication examples in the book began to make sense.

Simply put, ‘Start With Why’ examines how people – that’s everyone from consumers, to employees – are more likely to be persuaded to act by knowing WHY they should be buying/doing something, rather than knowing WHAT they are buying/doing. The book explains that “we are drawn to leaders and organisations that are good at communicating what they believe”, and that this knowledge, combined with understanding a company’s “whys”, ultimately leads to brand loyalty.

Take the example of Creative’s Zen vs Apple’s iPod. Many of you may think that Apple created portable music technology. In fact, it was Creative Technology Ltd., whose product was launched almost 2 years before the iPod. The vast differences in the success of these products lay almost solely in the language used to market them. The Zen was advertised as a “5GB mp3 player”; the iPod was advertised as “1000 songs in your pocket”. We were told WHAT the Zen was; whereas we were told WHY we needed the iPod.

A 5GB Creative Zen!

You are probably now all sat there wondering how this applies to Inzpire. Let me try to sum this up in one sentence stolen from the book: “It’s not WHAT Apple does that distinguishes them. It is WHY they do it”. You have to ascertain why you want to do something, before you can actually do it successfully. This got Chris and I thinking; and with help from the Inzpire team including our CEO Hugh, Managed Services Director Al and CTO Mark, we set about trying to create a list of words/phrases that sum up why Inzpire exists, and why we do what we do.

We started with the obvious ones that you will have all seen before: “Inzpire exists to create a revolution of trust, honour, integrity and excellence in the military-industrial relationship”. Then the cogs started whirring, and a whole host of ‘Inzpire Whys’ came to the fore. What does our Synthetics Division do at the Air Battlespace Training Centre? Train warfighters in a safe, simulated environment where they can hone their skills. But why do they do this? To protect those who serve us; to share our expertise; to save lives. This thought process continued over a few weeks and, once we had a list of words that we felt summed up why everyone at Inzpire works as hard as they do, we decided we wanted a visual representation of these reasons.

Enter – the Inzpire Whyphoon. A visual representation of all of the words that explain why Inzpire exists. All of our colleagues know why Inzpire was formed. Now it is my job to make sure that all of our readers do, too!

Our company exists to give back; give back our expertise to the Armed Forces, give back to our employees, and give back to those who are still serving.

To inspire everyone we work with to be the best version of themselves and to be innovative, agile and credible in all that they do.

To share our passion with all of our defence and military partners through the whole force concept.

To provide continuity to our Armed Forces, through sharing our experience, doing the right thing and taking pride in our work.

And, most importantly, to honour and save the lives of those who serve us.