Inzpire Limited and Operational Solutions Limited Sub-contracted to Provide Support to new Simulator Facility

Inzpire Limited have been sub-contracted by Lockheed Martin UK.


Inzpire Limited have been sub-contracted by Lockheed Martin UK to provide aircrew instruction and technical support for the duration of a contract which will see Lockheed Martin UK provide a new simulator training facility at RAF Odiham. Inzpire have also partnered with Operational Solutions Limited, who will provide technical maintenance support to the facility.

Inzpire were selected for the instructional responsibility at the facility due to their experience in providing live flying training to both the UK Joint Helicopter Command Apache and Wildcat fleets as well as their unparalleled history in providing the synthetic training at the Air Battlespace Training Centre at RAF Waddington.

The new simulator facility will be the first Support Helicopter synthetic system capable of providing full crew training for pilots and crewmen in individual or multi-aircraft tactical scenarios. Inzpire will use the highest quality personnel with contemporary operational experience to enhance the immersive training experience of military aircrew.

Inzpire’s Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Jonny Priest, said: “Inzpire is delighted that our proud history and reputation for providing the highest quality of training in the synthetic environment to members of the UK military has been recognised in winning this contract to support the new Chinook Mk6 simulator facility. We look forward to working with Lockheed Martin UK and Operational Solutions Limited to bring ‘whole crew’ operational training to the RAF Chinook Force, helping them to operate at the highest levels of preparedness at the vanguard of UK military operations”.

Inzpire’s Helicopter Services Division

From supplying manpower substitution for the military to servicing Military Regulated Civilian Owned requirements, Inzpire’s Helicopter Services Division is able to provide true sliding-scale flexibility. Incorporating Helicopter Flying Instruction and Advanced Operational Flying Techniques, Helicopter Operations and our bespoke Methods of Instruction Courses, our experts provide outstanding service across all sectors.

Inzpire’s Synthetic Training Division

Drawing on our extensive experience, Inzpire pioneers the design and delivery of training scenarios that incorporate live assets with virtual and constructive synthetic participants. Inzpire has long been at the heart of synthetic training, protecting and promoting military capability by successfully exploiting synthetics and employing only the very best subject matter experts. Our team is steeped in military ethos with the highest tactical qualifications and with a proven ability to instruct; they work shoulder-to-shoulder with both our military and civilian clients.

Operational Solutions Managed Services Division

Operational Solutions Limited are delighted to be working with Inzpire and Lockheed Martin UK in support of the delivery of this new training facility. OSL’s technicians are all highly skilled and experienced and selected for their ability to work alongside their military counterparts, fully embracing their role within the Whole Force Concept. This contract is OSL’s second largest within its Managed Services Division, second only to the Analysts and Maintainers we provide to the UK Combined Arms Tactical Trainer at Warminster. Additional support will also be provided where necessary by OSL’s Defence Consultancy division and the long-established Management and Administrative team