NEWS RELEASE: Inzpire Limited Awarded Human Factors Contract

Inzpire Limited awarded new contract to continue airmanship and human factors training students.

Inzpire Limited have been awarded a new contract to continue their provision of airmanship and human factors training to ab-initio students in the UK Military Flying Training System.

Inzpire’s Human Factors and Safety Division has been providing this training to the UK military for almost 10 years, and this new phase of training delivery will see Inzpire’s provision develop to include an introductory course during elementary flying training and a more advanced foundation course during basic flying training. Inzpire’s experts will be delivering at fast jet, rotary, & multi-engine training schools to pilots, crewmen, ISTAR and Royal Navy observer students.

The new introductory course will prepare students for the processes involved in UK military flying training, giving them an insight in to what will be expected by their future flying instructors. The foundation course will expose students to the more advanced concepts of airmanship, and help to prepare them for the intensity of future flying courses and what will be required of them when they reach the frontline.

Inzpire’s Head of Human Factors, Tug Wilson, said: “It is brilliant news that Inzpire has been awarded the opportunity to continue delivering this contract. We put our heart and soul into delivering our courses and it is fantastic that the UK military recognises that, and has once again chosen us to be their training partner going forwards”.

Inzpire’s Human Factors Division provides training which is based around the understanding of interaction between equipment, environment and, most importantly, other people. Our training programmes are designed to help organisations – military and civilian – increase their individual and team performance; a welcome by-product of which is a reduction in mistakes and conversely an increase in safety. All of our programmes are bespoke and specifically focused on individual client needs and draw on our extensive experience from military and civil aviation as well as from Formula 1, medicine and heavy industry.