Inzpire Launch New Collective Training Division

Synthetic and Aviation Expertise Combined to Create New Area of Specialism

In a demonstration of Inzpire’s commitment to providing our military customers with the best possible service, we have recently launched the newest division in our training services area.

The Collective Training Division will combine the expertise of our aviation experts and synthetic training teams in to one department. This merging of personnel will mean that we can offer greater flexibility to support our military customers, allowing our experts based in both the Air Warfare Centre and Air Battlespace Training Centre to deliver training in a number of different environments based upon the individual customer’s requirements. By combining our collective training experts, Inzpire now has an unrivalled capability to deliver balanced and blended training via an optimal mix of live and synthetic events.

The creation of this new division has also seen a number of Inzpire’s team take up new roles. Paul ‘Flash’ Bolton has taken the new role of Head of Collective Training, with Damian Killeen being promoted in to the role of Divisional Executive to support Flash in delivering the capabilities of this new division. Dan Simmons, who had previously been Head of Aviation Experts, has moved in to the role of ASDOT lead and will focus solely on the company’s bid for the UK ASDOT programme.